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New Brighton Borough Sanitary Authority

The New Brighton Borough Sanitary Authority, through the Utility Billing Office, is accountable for the billing and collection of refuse service in New Brighton Borough, the stormwater management fee in New Brighton Borough, and of sewage service for New Brighton Borough and parts of Pulaski Township, Daugherty Township, and Rochester Township.  All bills are mailed quarterly.   


Sewage bills are based on water usage. $46.20 is the base fee with a $3.60 fee for each thousand gallons of usage. Unpaid sewage bills will result in disconnection of water service. Additional charges will be added to an account for water service to be restored after disconnection. To start a sewage account, an application must be filed at the Beaver Falls Municipal Authority, 1425 8th Avenue, Beaver Falls. The Water Company will then forward the information to the Utility Billing Office. The Utility Billing Office does allow for one credit per year for the filling of swimming pools, this form is available online or by visiting the Utility Billing Office located on the first floor of the Municipal Building.


Refuse and recycling service is provided by Aiken Refuse for New Brighton Borough residents only.  Residents of Pulaski and Daugherty Townships or Fallston Borough will have to contact their local municipal buildings to inquire about refuse service. Refuse fees are included in the quarterly bill.  Rates are $27.00 a month ($81.00 per quarter). 

Since 2018, a stormwater fee has been levied to ensure that the storm sewer infrastructure in New Brighton Borough is well maintained and stormwater is adequately managed.  The fee funds the operation and maintenance of the stormwater infrastructure, administration of New Brighton Borough’s federally mandated municipal permit requirements, and engineering design and construction of long term capital improvements.   The stormwater fee will be charged to property owners in New Brighton Borough only.


What is stormwater?

Stormwater is runoff from rain or snow that falls and either flows directly into nearby streams or travels there through drainage systems such as curbs and gutters, inlets, storm sewers, detention ponds, and channels.   In New Brighton Borough, much of which was developed in the early 1900s, most properties and roads drain to the street, and stormwater is conveyed by way of curbs and gutters into a system of underground pipes that can no longer accommodate the volume of runoff.  Flooding and pollution occur when the storm sewer system does not have the capacity to handle the flow.

Why is a stormwater fee necessary?

Up until the implementation of the stormwater fee, funds for repairing and maintaining the stormwater system came from the Borough’s General Fund of the operating budget.  That is no longer feasible because of the severity of the stormwater problems: steadily increasing flooding and water pollution; unfunded state and federal mandates to control these problems and meet standards; an aging, deteriorating and undersized conveyance system for stormwater; and competition for dollars with other municipal needs.


How is the fee calculated?
The stormwater fee is based on the size of the property.  All New Brighton Borough property owners will pay an equitable share to operate and maintain the municipality’s stormwater system, meet federal water quality requirements, and add capital improvements to mitigate flooding, erosion, and sedimentation.  Homeowners, commercial property owners, nonprofit entities, tax-exempt properties and public facilities, including municipal government and the school district, will pay.  Owners of properties up to an acre in size will be billed $6.50 per month.  Owners of properties an acre in size and larger will be billed $13.00 per month.


When will bills be mailed?
The stormwater fee will be included on the quarterly bills mailed by the New Brighton Borough Sanitary Authority and will be included with sewage and refuse invoices.


The New Brighton Sanitary Authority has adopted a set of rules and regulations governing both the sanitary sewer system and stormwater system.  The Sanitary System Rules and Regulations requires that a permit be obtained for all new connections to the sanitary sewer system and for all repairs to, or for the replacement of, an existing sanitary lateral.  An application for a new connection and for repairs is included in the Sanitary System Rules and Regulations.  The fee for a new connection to the sanitary sewer system is $1,200.00.  There is no fee for a permit to repair or replacement an existing sanitary lateral, however, no permit will be issued until the New Brighton Borough Sanitary Authority televises the main sewer and documents existing conditions.

The New Brighton Sanitary Authority's Utility Billing Office is located on the first floor of the Municipal Building and can be reached by calling (724) 843-0698. Hours of operation of Monday through Thursday, 8:30 AM to 12:00 PM and 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM.

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