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Refuse & Recycling

Garbage collection is a weekly service provided by Valley Waste Service, Inc., the Borough’s contracted refuse provider. All solid waste must be placed inside a heavy duty garbage bag. There is no limit on the number of bags set out for residential users. Grass clippings, weeds, and garden materials (no dirt) are permitted. Fireplace, woodburner, and coal ashes are also collected. Dried, solidified paint in an open can is permitted. Prior to pickup, during the week, garbage shall be stored behind the house in leak proof containers with tight fitting lids. Garbage cannot be placed on the curb earlier than 7:30 p.m. the evening before scheduled pickup.


The collection of bulky trash is also a weekly service. Individual items that do not fit in a bag should be placed loose at the curb. There is a limit of 100 lbs. per week or one major item. Major items include small appliances, household furniture, and carpeting. Mattresses and box springs must be wrapped in plastic and sealed with tape to prevent any possible exposure to infectious pests such as bedbugs or fleas.  To schedule the collection of a bulk collection, the New Brighton Borough Municipal Building must be contacted by calling (724) 846-1870.


There will be no refuse collection on New Years Day, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Independence Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day. If one of these holidays falls on a Monday through Friday, all collections throughout the week will be one day later. If the holiday falls on a Saturday or Sunday, there will be no change in collection. 

Since January 24, 2013, the Covered Device Recycling Act has been in effect in Pennsylvania.  Landfills and other solid waste disposal facilities in Pennsylvania do not accept covered devices, such as desktop and laptop computers, computer monitors, computer components, and televisions or their components.  Accordingly, Valley Waste Service, Inc. will no longer be accepting these items for curbside refuse collection.  The Act requires that these devices be recycled.  Manufacturers of covered devices sold in Pennsylvania are required to make collection programs available to Pennsylvania residents for the recycling of their covered devices.


Appliances are collected every Tuesday of the month. A call must be placed to he New Brighton Borough Municipal Building at (724) 846-1870, to request this service and be placed on the list for collection. Appliances include refrigerators and freezers (doors must be removed), stoves, dishwashers, washers, dryers, and hot water tanks. All appliances that use freon must have the freon removed by a certified technician before disposal. Only units with a sticker certifying that the unit is free of freon (C.F.C’s) will be accepted for disposal. 

Disposal of grass clippings and yard waste can be accomplished by bagging the waste and placing it on the curb for your weekly garbage collection. Valley Waste Service, Inc. will collect bagged grass clippings and yard waste. Additionally, the Borough Street Department will collect tree limbs/wood, cut and bundled into three foot sections, and placed along the curb on Monday of every week. To schedule the Street Department collection of tree limbs, please call (724) 843-0502. The disposal of grass clippings and lawn waste on the street is prohibited by today’s environmental regulations. Current laws could impose fines for repeat offenders.


Borough ordinances prohibit open fires or fires within a receptacle for the destruction of refuse or in the conduct of any salvage operation.


Recyclables are collected every two weeks on the same day as regular garbage collection and follows one of two schedules listed on the Recycling Collection Map. Recyclables include paper and cardboard, metals, glass, and plastics. Recycling is mandatory in the Borough of New Brighton as of July 29, 1991. All recyclables should be contained in a recycling container. No recycling material should be bagged.


Valley Waste Service, Inc. accepts the following materials for recycling:


Paper and Cardboard - Includes corrugated cardboard, magazines, office paper, newspapers, paperboard, paper cardboard dairy and juice cartons, unsolicited direct mail (junk mail), and phone books.


Metals - Includes aluminum cans, aluminum foil and bake ware, and steel cans and tin cans (soup cans, vegetable cans, coffee cans, etc.),


Glass - Includes clear (flint) glass, brown (amber) glass, and green (emerald) glass. Do not crush glass and remove any metal or plastic caps and lids. Ceramics, Pyrex, broken glass, mirror or window glass, crystal, and light bulbs are not recyclable.


Plastics - Includes all plastic identification codes; #1 PETE, such as food and beverage containers; #2 HDPE, such as laundry products and buckets; #3 V, such as mud flaps and garden hose; #4 LDPE, such as trash cans and compost bins; #5 PP, such as oil funnels and rakes; #6 PS, such as egg cartons and foam plates, cups, and utensils; #7 Other, such as five-gallon water bottles.


Rinse all recyclable containers thoroughly of food contaminates to eliminate odors.


Non-food containers do not need to be rinsed. Labels can be left on containers. Cans and plastic bottles do not need to be flattened, but can be accepted as such to conserve space. Treat recyclables as a valuable resource and store them in a separate recycling container. All recycling material can be stored together. There is no need to separate materials and no materials should be bagged. The night before collection, place your recycling container at the curb with your heavy-duty garbage bags no earlier than 7:30 p.m. 


Commercial establishments are also required to recycle.  Businesses must recycle commercial grade paper, cardboard, and aluminum. Private haulers are equipped to provide this service to local businesses and will report the annual tonnage to the Borough as required by State regulations.


The Beaver County Department of Waste Management and Recycling also collects many recyclable items that Valley Waste Service, Inc. will not collect at the curb, at their Recycling Center located off of Route 51 in Brady’s Run Park, Brighton Township.  The Recycling Center can be reached by calling (724) 770-2064.

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