Forms & Ordinances

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Building and Zoning Permit Application


Permit Application Attachments (Non-Residential Uses):

New Commercial or Multi-Family Structures

Existing Commercial or Multi-Family Structures

Permit Application Attachments (Residential Uses):

New Single Family Dwellings

Residential Additions

Accessory Structures

Solar Arrays

Swimming Pools

Manufactured Housing


Demolition Permit Application

Demolition Permit Application Attachments:
DEP Asbestos Program for Contractors working in Pennsylvania
Demolition Specifications


Sidewalk Permit Application

Sidewalk Permit Application Attachment:
Sidewalk Drawings

Street Opening Permit Application

Zoning Ordinances and Related Permit Applications:


Zoning Ordinance (Complete)


Specific Zoning District Requirements: 
C1 Commercial

C2 Commercial

C3 Commercial



R1 Residential

R2 Residential


Conditional Use Application


Zoning Occupancy Permit Application


Sign Permit Application

Sign Permit Application Attachment:
Sign Ordinance


Subdivision Application


Variance Application


Upper Beaver Valley Regional Comprehensive Plan


New Brighton Borough Sanitary Authority:

Application for Service

ACH Application Form

Sanitary Sewer System Rules and Regulations

Stormwater Sewer System Rules and Regulations

Stormwater Management Ordinance


Swimming Pool Credit Request Form

Other Ordinances, Forms, and Applications:




Fence Installation Requirements 


Fire Insurance Proceeds Application

Fire Insurance Proceeds Ordinance


Handicap Parking Application 


LERTA Application
LERTA Ordinance 


Rental Registration & Inspection Ordinance

Tenant Reporting Form