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Rental Registration & Inspection

In December 2003, New Brighton Borough Council adopted Ordinance 1176 approving a rental registration and inspection program in the Borough. Ordinance 1176 applies to any dwelling unit that is not occupied by the recorded owner of the property, including vacant dwelling units. The recorded owner of the property is determined by Beaver County tax assessment records.

The recorded owner of a non-owner occupied dwelling unit is required to register the dwelling unit on a yearly basis, pay the annual registration fee, and submit to an inspection of each dwelling unit once every three years. Annual registration fees are set by Borough Council by resolution. The current fee schedule is $55.00 per unit for 1 to 10 non-owner occupied dwelling units and $25.00 per unit, plus a $250.00 base fee, for 11 or more non-owner occupied dwelling units.


Ordinance 1176 also requires that property owners report the names of all tenants or occupants, 18 years of age or older, that reside in each dwelling. Reporting of such names shall be done by using the Borough's occupancy reporting form.


Properties subject to Ordinance 1176 will be inspected once every three years or as needed in the investigation of complaints. Building inspectors will be inspecting for violations of the Borough's property maintenance code.


Additionally, in accordance with Ordinance 1176, property owners are required to evict disorderly tenants after receipt of three disorderly conduct reports within a one-year period. When a police officer investigates an alleged disruptive conduct, as defined by Ordinance 1176, and finds that the actions of the tenant, occupants, or visitor of the property did constitute disruptive conduct, a disruptive conduct report will be sent to the property owner.


For questions regarding Ordinance 1176, call the Building and Zoning Department at (724) 847-5130.

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