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Zoning & Land Use

New Brighton Borough Council has adopted a comprehensive plan to establish a framework for working together improve the quality of life for all residents of New Brighton.  Goals of the comprehensive plan include:

  • Intergovernmental Cooperation: To deliver public services to our citizens efficiently and effectively through successful cooperation when possible.

  • Education: To support the efficient operation of schools through collaboration among school districts and broaden access to local opportunities for higher and continuing education.

  • Environment: To ensure that environmental stewardship is a top priority and integrated into decision-making.

  • Open Space Preservation: To actively protect environmentally sensitive areas and support the conservation of green spaces and natural land corridors throughout the region.

  • River and Water Resources: To balance active and passive recreational opportunities created by the many miles of river, lakes, and streams for special events, recreation, and conservation.

  • Parks, Recreation, and Special Events: To balance active and passive recreational opportunities, build upon the local festivals; and recognize the positive impact the Brush Creek County Park has on the quality of life in the region.

  • Information Sharing: To develop a collaborative approach to discussing regional issues and resource sharing among officials and residents.

  • Transportation: To develop a regional approach to improving the safety and flow of traffic and increase access to various modes of transportation.

  • Land Use, General:- To maintain a balance between residential and commercial development, preserve valued historical and natural resources, and promote quality architecture and sound development patterns.

  • Land Use, Commercial Development: - To attract industries and increase the variety of employment opportunities in the region and the Beaver Valley.

  • Housing: To expand the mix of housing types to ensure that all citizens have an opportunity to secure safe and affordable accommodations.

  • Historic and Cultural Resources: To preserve the history of the region and to promote the awareness of cultural opportunities.


As one method to accomplish these goals, the Borough of New Brighton has established zoning that encourages practical and coordinated community development that promotes public health, safety, morals, and general welfare. The Borough’s Zoning Ordinance prevents the overcrowding, improper, or incompatible development or use of land to prevent blighting conditions and congestion or hazard in travel or transportation. Through zoning the Borough is able to conserve and stabilize property values through encouragement of the most appropriate use of land in relation to one another.  The New Brighton Borough Planning Commission continually evaluates the effectiveness of the zoning ordnance and make recommendations to Borough Council for amendments when appropriate.


A site plan review shall be conducted by the Planning Commission for any commercial, industrial, or multi-family (three or more dwellings) development proposal involving new exterior construction, whether of new buildings, extensions of existing buildings, or site improvements. A site plan must also be submitted for reviewed by the Zoning Officer for all building permit and sign permit applications The Building and Zoning Department may be reached by calling (724) 847-5130 or by visiting the Zoning Office located on the first floor of the Borough Municipal Building.


Building and zoning ordinances and applications are available online by clicking here.

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